How do these black platforms steal the VIP resources of video websites

Recently, the black hands of these black platforms have been arrested. Nantong police have broken up the case of a huge intrusion into the computer information system by the Ministry of public security.
”The whole black industry chain, including the illegal Video Parsing service provider, the mobile APP development operator, the entity activation card general agent and the core agents around the world, has all been knocked off.” Nantong Public Security Bureau network security detachment leader Zhang Jian introduced.
It is reported that from the end of 2017, Li Mouqiang, the legal representative of a science and technology company in Beijing, has instructed employees to develop the APP, which can ”impersonate” members through technical means to obtain limited resources on the official website.
It is understood that when users jump through the black platform to the Tencent, Youku and other websites to search for VIP resources, APP will immediately send the address of the video to the server. Through automatic parsing, the server generates a membership key and allows the official website system to misjudge the visitors as members. Because of the concealment of committing crimes, the security verification mechanism of computer information system has been broken through. Most of the rights and interests have been damaged until the incident is still unknown.
To avoid attracting attention, he also packaged software into 4 different names of APP. In addition to the ”music view”, such as ”orange video” ”video” ”video”, ”cool horizon”, such as a number of similar mobile phone App; then through the agent, Li Mouqiang made the opening of APP access to the use of electronic card into an activation card, in many network terminals all over the country sales market, mobile phone repair shops and online stores to sell.

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