Teach you how to put furniture in your bedroom!

Small apartment is a popular choice nowadays, whether it is living alone or a family of three. Each function area of this type of household is not large, at this time the furniture is very important, especially in the bedroom are placed in a large volume of furniture. Now let’s learn how to lay the furniture in the next bedroom. How to make the small bedroom space bigger?

How do you put the furniture in the bedroom? This will double your home size

First, how to put the furniture in the bedroom

1. Lay the bed by the wall

Bed in the bedroom is the largest space occupied by furniture, so the bed is very critical to the placement, to place the right position in order to make reasonable use of space. The bed can be placed by a window or by a wall. With windows, windows can be designed as mobile push and pull models, so that they will not be affected in use. It can also match a shading curtain with better light shielding performance, which will not affect sleep.

2, symmetrical arrangement

A good Office Chair should have a good lumber support to ensure the lower back is in great position when a person is sitting. Actually, a great chair should come with an adjustable lumbar support system, so that it can fit on the chair perfectly. This is critical because it helps to prevent the back from striating, in which it can case sciatica.

Small bedroom furniture can also be placed in a symmetrical manner, mainly centered on the bed. The bedside is placed against the wall, and then the other furniture is side-by-side with the bed. On the other side of the wardrobe, on the other side of the desk, desk, the overall look more concise, spacious, basically the majority of the small bedroom bedroom is suitable for placing.

How do you put the furniture in the bedroom? This will double your home size

3, group pendulum method

Grouping furniture is common in large bedrooms, but it can also be used in small bedrooms. The bed can be designed as tatami, bookcase and wardrobe on tatami. You can also design a large wardrobe, the bed embedded in the middle of the wardrobe, desk, desk and other design in the side of the wardrobe, it is connected, this is a very provincial space.

4. Remove unnecessary furniture

The bedroom needs to create a simple, relaxed atmosphere, and can not be promiscuous. So for some extra furniture, such as dresser, TV cabinet and other furniture do not need, but also can give some small bedroom to bring more space, so that the vision more spacious, comfortable, bright.

How do you put the furniture in the bedroom? This will double your home size

Two. How to make the small bedroom space bigger

1. Using tools ingeniously to increase the utilization of space

Bedroom belongs to private space, so it is best to arrange according to their living habits. Some storage space can be used to increase the use of storage, such as storage basket, hooks such small tools can be placed in any corner, to facilitate the collection of some often used small objects.

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How do you put the furniture in the bedroom? This will double your home size

2. The clever use of space dead angle

Most of the finished wardrobe on the market will waste some space in the bedroom, for example, it has a certain distance from the ceiling, and the space dead angle is very wasteful. At this time, you can use some big shoe boxes, storage boxes, etc., placed in these dead corners of space, to receive some of the things that are not commonly used.

3, vacate the other side of the space

The beds, wardrobes and other furniture along one wall centralized placement, will be the other side of the space out, will make the whole bedroom appear more spacious.

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